Join moms from the BUMC community on Saturday, May 15 from 9-12
for fellowship, brunch, and watch/discuss content from the recent 2021
Fearless Mom Conference! Moms of all school-age children from infants to high school are invited.
Topics include:  
Fighting Fear
Raising Hopeful Kids
Raising Resilient Kids
Kids & Emotions

See the full description for each session at the bottom of the page.
Childcare is included with RSVP.  Masks will be required when using common spaces.

Price is $15/person.  Max Capacity: 20 people.
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Sometimes the most dangerous fear is the fear of fear. In her opening
 session, Julie sets the tone for the conference as she illustrates how to quit fighting fear.

When your child struggles, you struggle, too. And if you have a child who has ever experienced
a mean girl, a bully, not been invited to a sleepover, been left out of a group of friends, devalued by a teacher,
not gotten a place on a team, been hurt by a friend or boyfriend, or even lived a day in relationship, you know exactly
what that struggle is like. In the midst of all of those hurts, you can still have hope as a parent. In fact, they desperately
need you to have hope--and not only to have it, but to teach it to them. Join Sissy to learn strategies for raising hopeful kids.

We all want to raise resilient kids, but how do we actually do that?
Join David for this important conversation to define Resilience, take a look at the
biggest barriers to building it, and more importantly, the intentional practices to help kids develop it.

KIDS & EMOTIONS, David Thomas: 
What would it look like to raise a generation of emotionally and spiritually healthy children? This workshop
will focus on understanding the emotional development of children. We’ll identify three important emotional
milestones for kids to hit as they develop, and the ingredients for helping them reach them. We will explore the role of
temperament in nurturing kids emotionally. Join David to learn practical ideas for furthering a child’s emotional development.