International Ministries


General information: Twice a year BMC sends out teams to Peru
on medical mission trips. These trips are open to all ages based on pre screening
and interviews. Parents must accompany children 14 years old and under.  We focus on bringing the truth
of Jesus to the people of Peru through resources like medicine, dental and vision.  We also hold a VBS called
Vaso De La Leche which ends each day with a warm glass of milk. Peru Trips occur in the beginning of January
and June each year. There are 1 week opportunities – $1500 and 2 week opportunities – $1700 First payments of
1/2 ($800) is due 4 months before each trip. Final payment is due 2 months before each trip. Passport is required.
Stay tuned for future dates.  If you are interested in going to Peru with our group email  

Team World Vision

Since 2015 our congregation has been a part of Team World Vision, raising enough
funds to bring 1116+ kids access to safe and clean drinking water! And we’re not done yet. Not by a mile! Looking for
a way to build community while helping transform communities around the world?! Then we’ve got a place for you!
We’re building our team for the 2020 Run the Alamo Half and Full Marathon and we want YOU to join us! Don’t worry,
our team is made up of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, paces and 80% of our team is completely new to this. We’re going
take on these miles together as a church and help bring fullness of life to communities who need it. Join us, you won’t regret it!